Enjoying Ionic, HTML5 app development

One of the things I’ve always loved doing is creating throwaway apps that solve very simple problems.  Historically these have been to educate me on the ‘art of the possible’, rather than actually produce something workable.  I’d always fall at a hurdle, or find a gap in my learning that would take me off on […]

Wagtail, Django & Heroku

I’ve been sleeping pretty badly recently, so thought last night would be a good opportunity to be productive and start work on a new idea I’ve had for a new site/webApp/mobileApp. It’s taken a bit of a while to get off the ground, as I wasn’t sure what the best technology would be to write […]

Technical Sales

Disclaimer:  Forgive me for the ramble.  I started this blog off on quite a separate topic, and in doing so found myself on quite a different train of thought..  If you do end up staying with me to the end, I’d really appreciate reading your comments so I can start to formulate a more cohesive […]