Blockchain; gateway to cryptography?

“What is a blockchain?” is probably one of the most frequent questions I’ve had to answer in the last 12 months.  What makes it more difficult is the answer more often than not has to take into account the varied knowledge and experience of the inquirer. I’ve got a reasonable background in understanding the cryptography […]

Gnu-style tooling on Ethereum Smart Contracts

The Ethereum project‘s fundamental goal of providing a distributed computing system, paid for using the cryptocurrency generated by the computations on the platform is a really interesting concept. Smart contracts, however, have some key limitations, one of which was demonstrated by the attack on the DAO. I anticipate in the future that we’ll end up […]

Heatmiser Component

Now I’ve got the heatmiser component working with home-assistant, I want to ready a v2 release which will enable it to also work with other devices other than just heatmiser thermostats. There are two categories of component: Master – the UH1 device, which is the serial interface from the home-automation system to the thermostats. Slave […]